Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ

I would like to welcome you to the website for Our Lady of Lavang Parish.  I hope that this site will be a useful tool that guides you to programs that will enrich your faith.  May you discover blessings here as you make your way along the spiritual path before you.

God bless you and Mary keep you,

Fr. JB Hoi Quoc Tran


Ông Bà và Anh Chị Em thân mếm,

Tết cổ truyền của dân tộc ta có những phong tục độc đáo như: tục xông đất đầu năm, tục chúc tết bà con, đặc biệt là tục hái Lộc Xuân với ước mong năm mới có nhiều tài, lộc. Lộc ở đây là những cành lá, cành cây tươi tốt, xanh non được hái vào thời điểm sớm nhất của năm mới...           đọc tiếp

Vườn Hồng Lavang

Vườn Hồng Lavang xin kính mời quý vị đăng gửi những lời hay ý đẹp mà quý vị muốn chia sẽ với mọi người xem trang web.  Bài sẽ được xem duyệt trước khi được đăng tải.

Chân thành cảm ơn sự đóng góp lời hay ý đẹp của bạn.

Thông Báo Tài Chánh

Giáo Xứ La Vang Thông Báo Năm Tài Chính 2017-2018

Mass Times

Thánh Lễ Chúa Nhật (Sunday Mass):
Thứ Bẩy (Saturday): 6:00 pm
Chúa Nhật (Sunday): 9:00 am

Thánh Lễ trong tuần (Weekday Mass):
Thứ Hai, Thứ Tư (Mon, Wed): 8:30 am
Thứ Ba, Thứ Năm (Tue, Thu): 6:30 pm
Thứ Sáu đầu tháng (First Fri): 6:30 pm
Thứ Sáu khác (other Fridays): 8:30 am

Office Hours

Thứ Hai đến Thứ Sáu (Mon through Fri)
AM: 9:00 - 11:30 & PM: 1:30 - 04:00

hoặc lấy hẹn (or by appointment)

Xin Cầu Nguyện / Prayer Request

Muốn xin cầu nguyện, xin bấm vào đây (request).

Hãy Vui Mừng và Hân Hoan

Tông Huấn Gaudete Et Exsultate Của Đức Thánh Cha Phanxicô Về Ơn Gọi Nên Thánh Trong Thế Giới Ngày Nay

Đức Thánh Cha Phanxicô đã công bố một tông huấn mới, Gaudete et Exsultate (Mừng Vui & Hân Hoan), trong đó ngài đưa ra các chỉ dẫn thực hành nhằm đạt đến sự thánh thiện trong thế giới hiện đại.

Toàn bộ Tông huấn được chia làm 5 chương với 177 đoạn....

đọc tiếp (in English)


ĐƠN GIA NHẬP GIÁO XỨ (Registration Form)


Bài đọc trong thánh lễ có thể xem từ ktcgkpv (Weekly Reading)




Chúa Nhật Thứ 3 MC

Lễ Truyền Tin


Lớp Giáo Lý Tân Tòng đã bắt đầu vào ngày 7/10/18 (Bài Học).

Sau Thứ Tư Lễ Tro, các dự tòng chính thức bước vào Thời Kỳ Thanh Tẩy và Soi Sáng (Purification and Enlightenment) nhằm chuẩn bị tâm hồn để tiếp nhận các Bí Tí́ch Khai Tâm trong Thánh Lễ Vọng Phục Sinh (20/4/19).

Xin Quý ÔBACE thêm lời cầu nguyện và giúp đỡ các dự tòng sốt sắng chuẩn bị tâm hồn để tiếp nhận các Bí Tích trọng đại này.


Xin quý ÔBACE thêm lời cầu nguyện cho các em chuẩn bị tiếp nhận Bí tích Thêm Sức vào ngày 28/4/19.

Saint of the Day

St. Enda

On March 21, four days after the feast day of Ireland's patron Saint Patrick, the Catholic Church honors Saint Enda of Aran, a warrior-turned-monk considered to be one of the founders of Irish monasticism. Born during the fifth century, Enda inherited control of a large territory in present-day Northern Ireland from his father Conall. His sister Fanchea, however, had already embraced consecrated religious life with a community in Meath, and looked unfavorably on the battles and conquests of her brother. Enda is said to have made a deal with his sister, promising to change his ways if he could marry one of the young women of her convent. But this was a ruse on Fanchea's part, as the promised girl soon died. Fanchea forced him to view the girl's corpse, to teach him that he, too, would face death and judgment. In this way, Fanchea – whom the Church also remembers as a saint – succeeded in turning her brother not only from violence, but even from marriage. He left Ireland for several years, during which time he became a monk and was ordained as a priest. Upon his return to Ireland, he petitioned his King Aengus of Munster – who was married to another of Enda's sisters – to grant him land for a monastic settlement on the Aran Islands, a beautiful but austere location near Galway Bay off Ireland's west coast. During its early years, Enda's island mission had around 150 monks. As the community grew, he divided up the territory between his disciples, who founded their own monasteries to accommodate the large number of vocations. Enda did not found a religious order in the modern sense, but he did hold a position of authority and leadership over the monastic settlements of Aran – which became known as “Aran of the Saints,� renowned for the monks' strict rule of life and passionate love for God. While living on an Irish island, Enda's monks imitated the asceticism and simplicity of the earliest Egytian desert hermits. The monks of Aran lived alone in their stone cells, slept on the ground, ate together in silence, and survived by farming and fishing. St. Enda's monastic rule, like those of St. Basil in the Greek East and St. Benedict in the Latin West, set aside many hours for prayer and the study of scripture. During his own lifetime, Enda's monastic settlement on the Aran islands became an important pilgrimage destination, as well as a center for the evangelizations of surrounding areas. At least two dozen canonized individuals had some association with “Aran of the Saints.� St. Enda himself died in old age around the year 530. An early chronicler of his life declared that it would “never be known until the day of judgment, the number of saints whose bodies lie in the soil of Aran,� on account of the onetime-warrior's response to God's surprising call.

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Vatican News

Pope Francis invites pediatricians to help shape culture

Vatican City, Mar 21, 2019 / 11:08 am (CNA).- Meeting with pediatricians at the Vatican on Thursday, Pope Francis encouraged the medical professionals to be “promoters of a culture of solidarity and inclusive health.”

“In our time, in fact, increasingly often prevention and treatment become the prerogative of those who enjoy a certain standard of living, and therefore can afford it,” he told members of the Italian Federation of Primary Care Pediatricians during a papal audience.

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Will Pope Francis meet the Chinese president this week?

Vatican City, Mar 20, 2019 / 05:13 pm (CNA).- As Chinese President Xi Jinping travels to Rome this week, there has been much speculation as to whether his trip will also include an unofficial visit with Pope Francis.

Ahead of the Chinese president’s arrival in Italy March 21, the AP reported that Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin said, “Our door is always open.”

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With prayer, good can overcome evil, Pope Francis says

Vatican City, Mar 20, 2019 / 09:59 am (CNA).- To pray is to believe in God’s power to replace the evil in the world with goodness, Pope Francis said at the general audience Wednesday.

“If we pray it is because we believe that God can and wants to transform reality by overcoming evil with good,” he said March 20. This is why it makes sense to “obey and abandon one’s self” to the will of God, even in moments of difficulty and trial.

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