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What Is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a system designed to allow the user to interact with geographical data, in order to better manage, learn from and present the available information.  The technology is used by CRS to make our projects more efficient and effective. The third Wednesday in November (November 16 this year) is recognized by the National Geographic Society […]

Thanksgiving’s Heart of Gratitude

Dear Friend, As I write this month, thinking about how we will gather as families across our bountiful land to give thanks for all that we have received, my desk and inbox are filled with reports about the hundreds of thousands suffering from the effects of Hurricane Matthew. When this powerful storm ripped through Haiti’s […]

Poverty and Plenty Affect Intelligent Decisions

Dear Friend, I recently came across a fascinating article in Harvard Magazine. Its title, “The Science of Scarcity,” sums up an emerging topic among behavioral economists, the people who study why we make the economic decisions that we do. What they find is that when any of us are poor—indeed when we face scarcity of any […]

CRS Celebrates Canonization of Friend, Saint Teresa of Calcutta

On September 4, Blessed Mother Teresa became Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Catholic Relief Services had a long and warm relationship with the founder of the Missionaries of Charity, both as an organization and through personal connections with CRS staff. Mother Teresa credited CRS with providing early assistance to the Missionaries of Charity before the order […]

Getting Refugee Children Back to School

Dear Friend, There are many things we take for granted—water from our taps, food from the supermarket, a roof over our heads, a doctor to vaccinate our children. Yet these are often out of reach for the people served by Catholic Relief Services. And there is another precious commodity I want to talk about this […]